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It compares 167 verses in the reina valera 1865, 1909. The words of god preserved readers have long known of ra. Reinavalera gomez 2010 bible bible baptist bookstore. Introductory material of a digital edition of the reina valera gomez in a pdf file. Large print santa biblia rvg 2010 spanish edition spanish leather bound january 24, 2012.

The audio of the new testament is read by a native spanish speaker. Reinavalera gomez 2010 religious texts bible scribd. May god bless each of you for your love of gods pure. Reina valera descargar libros gratis en pdf y epub. Biblia reina valera gomez 2010 ebook epub mobi pdf. This is a chart with 220 verses that are compared between the king james bible, the reina valera 1989, the reina valera 1960, the reina valera 1909, and the reina valera gomez. Biblia reina valera 1960 descarga gratis pdf youtube. Also visit the reina valera gomez web page to read many articles about the. Thank you for your interest in the reina valera gomez spanish bible.

Find out where you can download the rvg for computers, smartphones, and other places. Download a pdf copy of the entire rvg2010 bible here. See all 2 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Descargar biblia reina valera 1865 pdf download by. The beloved reina valera was based on the textus receptus tr used by the early church but valera himself said corrections were still needed. This is the page where you can download the source code for the text, to make a bible application, or an app for a mobile device.

Introductory material of a digital edition of the reinavaleragomez in a pdf file. This one has been dubbed rvg reina valera gomez, which is what the. Posted on abril 23, 2018 marzo 20, 2018 by maestro david. This one has been dubbed rvg reinavaleragomez, which is what the. The module corresponds to the reinavalera bible of 1909, was carefully revised. Large print santa biblia rvg 2010 spanish edition reinavaleragomez, dr. Consulta cualquier libro, capitulo o versiculo cuando desees. Version biblia nueva version internacional nvi1984 online. Reina valera gomez sparvg spanish bibles biblediscovery. Santa biblia pdf reina valera 2000 version gratuita. The reina valera actualizada is a revision of the reina valera 1909, using the original languages, and collating the text with other ancient and modern versions. It also has some of the antiquated castilian updated.

Download bible for in all formats search by filters total search search by abbreviation search by the official title or part of it by keeping the register search by the author or editor search by year example. Revisions including the rv 1909 and 1960 were supposed to fix the problems, but instead added liberal readings changing gods words. Santa biblia reina valera gomez rvg 2010 spanish edition. Santa biblia rvg 2010 center reference spanish edition. The pdf file has text formatting highlighting the differences. This new revision is essentially the 1909 antigua edition of the reina valera, minus the critical text. After several years of toil and sacrifice, in 2004 the first edition of what has now become known as the reina valera gomez bible hereafter rvg was submitted to the presses.

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